Internationaler Lynx Club

Archived publications from an international club for Atari Lynx video game console users.

The Internationaler Lynx Club was an association of Atari Lynx users in the early 1990’s. I have been a member of the club from November 1991 until its dissolution at the end of 1993. The club had a profound influence on me as a teenager and motivated my entire career as a software engineer and video game developer.

The club distributed two alternating publications via mail on a monthly basis: the ComLynxer club magazine and a newsletter. Although intended as an international club, the members were primarily located in German speaking countries, and the publications were released in German as well.


The size of this magazine varied between twelve and twenty pages. Initially, it was released every other month and contained news, interesting stories, tutorials and game reviews. With the decline of Atari, the magazine was released less frequently and eventually vanished as well.

I do not have copies of the first six issues – please contact me if you do!


The newsletter contents were similar to the magazines, albeit less polished.

Information for New Members

New members received a welcome package with essential club information. The club also maintained a letter mail based exchange where members could lend or trade their used Atari Lynx video games.