Unreal Engine East Coast DevCon 2014

These are my slides from the Unreal Engine East Coast DevCon 2014 in Montreal and Boston.

Click on the images to view the slides on Slideshare. Make sure to take a look at the ‘Notes’ tab, which contains transcripts of the information I conveyed verbally.

Engine Overview High-level overview of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine architecture. This presentation covers the configuration file hierarchy and format, modules and project files.

Programming in UE4 Overview of basic concepts and common blockers when programming for UE4. This presentation covers acronyms, basic programming concepts and best practices.

Game Programming in UE4 High-level overview of the game framework in Unreal Engine 4. This presentation introduces fundamental concepts, such as Actors and GameModes.

Slate UI & UMG Overview of the Slate user interface framework, low-level UI capabilities and Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG)

Extensibility in UE4 Overview of extensibility mechanisms and plug-ins in Unreal Engine 4. This presentation introduces Editor extensibility points, Blutilities, and plug-ins.

Concurrency & Parallelism Introduction to parallel programming support in UE4. This presentation covers thread synchronization primitives, thread-safe containers, and parallelization features.