Officers of the nonprofit serve as a check and balance to make sure that all legal and fiduciary duties are followed through. While specific roles and responsibilities vary by association, primary duties typically include: Reviewing financial records … In a housing society’s affairs, the role of a treasurer cannot be undermined. The treasurer of a management committee plays a vital role. Generally, the HOA board has four officer positions: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Every state in the United States has a treasurer, though some have a different official title for the office. Your role is to assess the risk, weigh up the pros and cons and determine if this is a good move for the business. Why is the Treasurer’s Role Important? The treasurer’s job is, in many ways, the most important job on the board of an organization. It’s important that all trustees collectively play their part in financial monitoring and decision making. The Treasurer is the backbone of the entire financial framework of the society and accountable for any monetary mismanagement or fraud. In the United States, the treasurer of a state is the official charged with overseeing revenue and finances and generally acting as the state's chief banker. The club treasurer is responsible for all of a club’s money, both incoming and outgoing, and needs to keep accurate records to ensure legal compliance. It should be noted that the treasurer’s records always should be open to inspection by the club’s officers, faculty advisor, principal, and Kiwanis advisor. The previous treasurer usually does a thorough review of all responsibilities and expectations for the role with the new treasurer before leaving office. The duties and responsibilities of a treasurer for a nonprofit organization vary widely, based on the management structure of each organization. Treasurer. If you’re asked to serve on a charity’s board as a treasurer, your role might be limited to oversight of financial professionals or require hands-on bookkeeping duties. As treasurer your role will be to provide and maintain accurate records of all financial transactions relating to the Body Corporate. The treasurer is the custodian of the funds, securities, and financial records of the association. Below are summarised some of the key qualities and skills required for an effective treasurer. The treasurer’s primary role is to assist and advise the board in overseeing the finances (download sample financial policies and procedures), even if paid staff deal with much of the day-to-day financial business. Each officer has specific duties and responsibilities related to the operation of the association. Qualities, skills, knowledge Budgets must be set for the administrative fund, the sinking fund and special contributions. What are the primary duties of the board treasurer? In New York and Texas there is no treasurer -- instead, those duties are performed by the controller. treasurer. In either case, the role of the Board Treasurer is key in ensuring the financial integrity of the organization. Responsibilities of a Treasurer: In today’s highly competitive environment, the treasury plays a vital role in the viability and success of a bank and calls for effective internal and external interface. TREASURER. Who is […] A business wants to expand its operations into a new region, which will generate significant revenue and create a competitive advantage. KEY ROLES OF TREASURY Look at these two real examples: 1. In this article, we define the functions of a treasurer for a clear understanding of his scope of work. Duties and Responsibilities • Collect member dues.

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