TT T&G has that great thinness, and I love how the screws are hidden on T&G. If I may say this, humbly speaking, there is no sales pitch in the world that can provide the best kind of answer for any one person, and I used to be in sales!. The sides are covered in latice. All cabinet boxes come assembled. Treated decking is around $2, and the closest comparison in composite is Trex Basic line at $5 a square foot. RINSE THOROUGHLY. The protective shell technology means all of our deck boards resist staining, fading and cracking, with the highest level of scratch resistance available from our Transcend Earth Tones and Tropicals decking lines, followed by Select Earth Tones, Enhance Naturals and Enhance Basics. Newer-generation Trex deck boards (Trex Transcend®, Trex Enhance®, Trex Select®, Trex Contour®) are manufactured with a high-performance shell that wraps around three sides of the composite board to protect it from the elements, providing resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mold. People who try to cut it with low quality blades will have a hard time because they use a lower grade carbide and a high angle ATB to make up for it. For the typical do-it-yourselfer, the stairs can be installed without the help of a contractor. In addition to improved performance, the shell technology offers: You can find Trex decking samples a number of ways. If any condition occurs which is attributable to the use of a non-recommended fastener, such conditions would not be covered under the Trex Limited Warranty. In these studies, pressure-treated wood stained the same color as Trex was actually hotter than Trex in the same test conditions. However, the payoff you get over time in decreased maintenance costs and increased leisure time provides compelling value-so much so, that you'll often see Trex decks referenced in the listings of homes for sale as an indicator of quality and value that homeowners and real estate agents tout when selling a home. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. I am real suspious now of using composite to have a beautiful deck after even 3 years since the shaded areas could end up being hideous next to the faded ares. Incremental warranty protection: a 25-year limited residential fade and stain warranty. The effect that heat has on TimberTech products is similar to the effect it has on a wood deck. If you have a legit suggestion to my problem then post it. best scratch resistant composite decking . None of the others were either. While most of the raw materials used in making Trex are recycled, these materials are carefully processed to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. You will love your deck, your kids will love the deck, just help it alitttle with some mist or alittle more shade when you know the day will be hot. Probably the thick, less expensive Trex like stuff? Sorry, that's kind of wood dork stuff but just the quickest explanation I could give. Why did you choose your chosen material for under the deck and did you have to train any of your craftsmen? Thats Right!! The biggest downside is the price. Before installing, we strongly recommend that you read the entire installation manual. Are these resin sections glued together? But not many people can or want to take the time to do what I think is proper research. All Trex Outdoor Storage doors are made with one solid mold, giving the look of a multi-piece door but with no chance of the separation you can see in real wood doors. (and at home here I AM queen!) A.E.R.T. Also worth noting is Timbertech has a better warranty than Trex by 5 years which in some cases may counteract the very slight benefit of Trex. When using Trex Fascia, glue can be used as a secondary fastener-see Fascia instructions in the Installation Guide for more details, Trex can only be installed over a solid surface when using a sleeper system; see the sleeper system guidelines in our, Trex does not endorse the use of any non-recommended fastener. Copyright © 2021 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. More conveniently, Trex decking is also available in pre-grooved profiles, ready to install with our Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System. Spray/rinse each individual deck board using fan tip no closer than 8" from the decking surface. Visit our, Please refer to the Decking and Railing section of this FAQ for details on all of our product lines, and to explore the difference between our early-generation and newer-generation decking. While our early-generation decking was groundbreaking for its time, spills and scuffs can still leave a mark. Try independent or semi-independent home centers, lumber yards, etc. The other manufacturers use polyethylene or PVC, both of which conduct more heat than polypropylene. What will our deck look like in 5 years and will it need replaced again because it looks bad? (?) In fact, the average 500-square-foot composite Trex deck contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags. When it comes to Trex vs. wood, there's more to the story than the upfront price. Many areas follow BOCA or UBC codes or variations of the BOCA or UBC codes. Surface = High performance proprietary engineered weather resistant shell Core = Reclaimed wood & recycled plastics (95% recycled product) Warranty = 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty. Both AZEK and Trex decking gets hot … hotter than wood. I spoke to a deck maker in Arizona. tipping tecates? Spray/rinse each individual deck board using fan tip no closer than 8" from the decking surface. Our search filters can help you find a builder who works with curved decking and railing in your area. TimberTech vs Trex - Warranty. HGTV, HGTV Smart Home, HGTV Smart Home Giveaway and their associated logos are trademarks of Scripps Networks, LLC. Installing a stair kit is a two-person job. At least 12 years on our Trex deck under the Northern Arizona sun and snow. Our Cost Calculator will have your closest estimate for materials costs. Here is a link that might be useful: Deck & Pergola pictures. Even under my pergola it is hot so I guess I am going to need to cover that. In the Trex vs Azek battle of green building materials the clear winner is Trex. Generally, these spots can be cleaned with white vinegar or a deck brightener product. Introducing Dirt Deck half price sale going on now 1 gal/5gal pails for the decortave touch we also recemond Grass Seed also on sale for a limited time. It really does take a lot of time. The breadth of the Trex lineup means that there are Trex products to suit nearly any residential or commercial need. A metal shovel can possibly chip the decking surface and void the warranty. Newer-generation Trex decking holds strong against potential damage. Trex decking is designed for a low-maintenance experience. The boardwalk that I am speaking of NEVER gets shade and they were also grey. Johnmon, thanks for the chuckle. ft. of AZEK’s Harvest boards will run you about $900, while the same amount of Trex Enhance boards comes in around $500. To address these issues, Trex introduced a new kind of high-performance decking in 2010. Refer to this video for the basics, and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call. Nothing is more important than your safety outdoors. Stainless steel screws are used to secure cabinet boxes in addition to PVC adhesive that actually bonds the boxes together giving a product that will not ever separate. While wood decking inevitably suffered splinters, warping and rotting, and required considerable maintenance, early-generation Trex never had to be stained and did not rot, warp or twist like wood. Can you make any other suggestions for color? So I continued to read A LOT more on line about all these options, and the kinds of questions that other people asked on-line and HOW a GC answered them, and then I sat down quietly and weighed the options for myself at home. Beyond that, Trex offers a variety of high-performance railing choices to meet different levels of style, performance and affordability. This is directly from the TimberTech website: "Your deck will also stay cool to the touch. Trex should never be sanded. BUT Brian, I'll bet that if you went cheaper you'd never get your deck cool until December (by the sounds of your environment). If dirty or hard water containing minerals is used for cleaning, a film-like surface may appear in spots after drying. I'd like to know how you supported the deck? I've got a little over 1000 sq ft of this stuff and it never sees the shade. If you've noticed any staining, scratching or fading over the years, it's likely you have early-generation decking. Both are closed cell and 100% waterproof. When comparing Trex vs Azek, there are Pros and Cons to both materials. This is one of the major caveats of synthetic decking, no matter who makes it. Using any other transformer voids the warranty. All Trex Spiral Stair products pass BOCA/UBC code requirements. The resin is extremely dense and chip and scratch resistant so the finish is hard to penetrate. I hope you show a little more respect to your customers. If you have other questions that we can help you answer, feel free to send uis a message or give us a call! I am very lucky with what I have. Cedar Decks are very common throughout the Eastern United States but it is a softwood that requires sealing, power washing, and staining every year, and with proper maintenance you'll be getting 8-10 years at best before it begins showing it's signs of wear and tear. Understanding the differences between early-generation Trex decking and new high-performance Trex decking is an important factor in understanding what to expect from different kinds of decking. We were thinking of Earthwood Evolutions, either "natural" or "tropical", but wondering if either of these has too much red or is that OK? It is resistant to scratch, stain, and fade and is backed by a 30-year warranty. No, the doors and all parts are 100% high density waterproof resin. In fact, performance today is drastically better across all three of the top composite decking brands, TimberTech vs. Trex vs. AZEK (now known as TimberTech AZEK), to the point where you really can’t make a bad choice for your deck. Trex DeckLighting is easy to install, and even easier to enjoy. We saw some that was sitting in a lumberyard that looked terrible--dark green and black spotted algea(it had been returned after not being used for about a year was the explanation by the worker). Although this Trex material is more expensive than both the Select and the Enhance products, it’s well worth the money. Trex high-performance decking (Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) can be power washed. Trex decking requires far lower maintenance than wood decking, but does require some maintenance to keep it looking good throughout the years, much like washing your car. The contractor can help identify whether any additional structural support is necessary and required, and he or she can reroute pipes and electric lines. We Can Dream: An Expansive Tennessee Farmhouse on 750 Acres, How to Pick the Right Paving and Decking Material, Houzz Tour: Stunning Rooftop Deck Tops a Totally Remodeled Home, Almost Invisible Outdoor Furniture Lets Views Star. The company has been granted more than 100 patents across its residential and commercial businesses. and plan the best . In extensive studies, it has been found that the color of the decking board, regardless if it's made of wood-plastic composite or wood is the most significant factor in the "heat retention" of the board. Am I right? Composite decking is the premier deck material for the 21st century. Is Trex suitable for use in commercial settings? How much does Trex decking and railing cost? Early-generation composite decking (Trex Origins®, Trex Accents®, Trex Profiles®, Trex Brasilia® and Trex Contours®) represented a breakthrough for low-maintenance and durability. Is there a product out there that doesn't retain the heat even in direct sunlight? A 25-year fade and stain warranty covers all capped composite decking offered through Trex vs Timbertech’s 30-year warranty. I only selected the T&G flavor to hide the screws. Then I went to the local BIG BOX and found lots of composite samples, one was TT T&G. Get inspiration with these ideas for adding a deck to your yard, Once you’ve got the walls or fences of your garden figured out, it’s time to consider the ground surface or floors, An overhaul of this Berkeley home includes new landscaping, a sunny home office, 2 bedrooms and a rooftop entertainment space, Rethinking the old grilling station? As you can see, I write alot when I'm nervous. Our one-of-a-kind capped polymer material and protective cap technology offer unbeatable protection from the elements to safeguard your deck boards from mold, mildew, and moisture damage. I have been doing a bunch of research and asking people that build, sell decking, etc. John if you don't have something meaningful and constructive to add, I'd suggest not making smartass comments when my 3 and 5 yr old are crying because the deck burns their feet. (Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon..) « Reply #12 on: August 05, 2016, 06:01:13 PM » My husband is a licensed and bonded deck builder in Seattle and he recommends Trex to everyone there. It cuts and routs much easier than a composite wrapped board. Although Trex costs more initially, you'll never have to sand, stain or paint your Trex deck. We are siding our new raised home (being built in a beach community destroyed by Hurricane Sandy) with Hardie siding in Monterey Taupe (looks greenish gray to me) with white trim. I didn't even notice that snipet on the TT website until the other day when I made that post. Start by reviewing our decking product lines to compare your decking against our collection. Nothing in life is. On this test, Cedar and TimberTech transferred the heat the fastest; you could tell the difference in temperature on the IR Gun from the bottom to the top almost immediately. Brian,I don't know what you expect this forum to do for you. A simple soap-and-water clean is all it takes. We have four different decking products that we tested. Does Trex decking get hotter than pressure-treated wood under the sun? So is ipe far as that goes. Now that’s tough. Find out, which is an overall better decking material for your house: AZEK or Trex deck? For early generation composite decking (Trex Accents), periodic cleaning with a deck wash is required. A separate trim is available for our skirting insert boxes to frame out the boxes and create a finished projected side. They have good better and bests. We recommend that you contact your local building inspector to find out what code applies to your area and how that code is interpreted. Trex requires that you use only the Trex transformer supplied with our lighting. If you're still unsure, contact us over the phone. It's plastic, and it looks, feels, and heats up like plastic. Hi Brian,You still bring up a good point (for me). Trex can only be installed over a solid surface when using a sleeper system; see the sleeper system guidelines in our Installation Guide. Estimate the cost to install an AZEK TimberTech vs a Trex composite deck. Now that we are into warmer temperatures, I am extremely pissed at how warm the deck is. I spent the time talking to the people in the warmest parts of the country. If the boardwalk was cooler to the touch than your deck, maybe the difference is the gaps on the boardwalk...more ventilation than the T&G. Trex Outdoor Storage cabinets use stainless steel 110-degree self-closing hinges and stainless steel full extension drawer guides. There's always white, I suppose. Timbertech vs Trex? TTcould save a lot on marketing costs and copy writing that basically says nothing and confuses people. Cost; Treated Vs Composite Decking. If you are building a deck that will be in direct sunlight all day you may want to choose a lighter composite finish so that it won’t absorb as much of the sun’s heat. As long as the board can still be installed per the installation instructions, the warranty will be valid. Is the Trex Outdoor Storage color only on the surface? Oh my God, DDGS is hysterical. Photos © 2020 Scripps Networks, LLC. The main concern I hear/see is fading of composite (all brands). Both our drawer fronts and doors fit tight to the box front that helps keep rain out. That makes Trex one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S. !And your right I am a smartass but my Wallets love me even on angies list. If Trex is made from recycled materials, why is it more expensive than wood? At this point, I am very confident that I know what is best for our home and the likelihood of future maintenance (or lack thereof) was heavily involved in the choice of material for our front porch. Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood and sawdust as well as recycled plastic from many common household items, such as the plastic overwrap on packaging for paper towels and toilet paper, dry cleaner bags, newspaper bags, grocery and shopping bags. Consider it for decks, fences and more, Wood painstakingly reclaimed from old barns helps an 1800s farmhouse retain its history, Layer it, bump it out, wrap it around a tree. Our kits are guaranteed for 25 years from date of purchase. There are two cheap composite deck lines from Dekorators with Classic and Vista.Both are capped composites but have a completely vibe with Classic geared … Trex high-performance decking (Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) require less work - a simple soap and water cleaning is all that is necessary to maintain the beauty of the products. One month ago or so I began researching materials for our uncovered, 10' x 10' raised front porch. Our Transcend and Select decking lines retain a Class B fire rating, while our Enhance decking lines retain a Class C fire rating; however, they are not fireproof. Calcium chloride or rock salt can be used to melt ice and snow on Trex decking. Ipe is a little less expensive than the better known composites. Trex boards are 50-70% heavier than comparable lumber sections. The cost of a Trex deck typically runs from $9 to $16 per square foot. Trex vs Fiberon Summary Composite materials offer some serious advantages over natural wood where building a deck is concerned. It's alittle like spitting in the wind, wouldn't you say? TimberTech vs AZEK: The Leading Manufacturers of Low Maintenance, PVC, and Composite Decking A popular and fast growing trend in the outdoor living world is low maintenance and composite decking. Trex high-performance decking and railing products combine low-maintenance upkeep and designminded style—all backed by our 25-year Limited Residential Warranty. If any condition occurs which is attributable to the use of a non-recommended fastener, such conditions would not be covered under the Trex Limited Warranty. For all stair kits, you need basic hand tools and an electric drill. If this T&G product is the coolest to walk on, I'd hate to feel the other stuff. Sorry you are disappointed with your choice. New names every year and ground breaking technology every year. That was another reason I went with composite. and another...astroturf/indoor outdoor carpet. I would think that lawsuits are going to need to happen to prevent manufacturers from lying about "cool to the touch", etc. Attached are a few images of all three products for you to see. At TimberTech, we have taken steps to minimize heat build-up with certain formulations of our product. For deep scratches in TimberTech decking, the application of heat with a soldering iron or heat gun can make the damaged area less visible. Trex Spiral Stairs offer all the space-saving advantages of traditional spiral staircases in two material choices and come with custom, high-performance composite treads made from Trex decking. You also caught my eye when you said you picked the light grey color. I live in Southern Ca. J. what are you saying dude? Ok, that's it for now. Dekorators is a fairly new company in the composite decking world, but they caught our attention with their solid lineup of PVC and composite deck boards. And I wasn't kidding when I asked you about how your deck was constructed underneath. In extensive studies, it has been found that the color of the decking board, regardless if it's made of wood-plastic composite or wood is the most significant factor in the "heat retention" of the board. But I went to the local lumber yard and held that imported Ipe wood in my hand that you talked about so often, just because of you. However, we do recommend that everyone (experienced or inexperienced) consult a qualified contractor. Of course, the real value is in the time that you enjoy spending outdoors on your Trex deck. Of course, that depends on where you're buying it, and how much you’re purchasing. I really appreciate all the comments. Easier maintenance: requiring only an occasional cleaning with soap and water or a pressure washer. There are alternative woods that do just as great as Ipe like Cumaru and Tigerwood but are more budget friendly. For small children and pets, our code stair kits come standard with in-between spindles, which provide less than a 4" spacing between verticals. Sanding will change the appearance and protective qualities of the Trex material and will void the warranty with respect to any condition caused by sanding. If you wanted a less expensive solution to Ipe, Massaranduba and Cumaru look similar (M is grain structure same, C is close in color) and close to as dense. What materials are used in the manufacturing of Trex. The PVC interior and the exterior High Density Resin cleans up with soap and water. Only if you are using the insert cabinets that slide into your skirting. As such, these traditional composites will fade naturally over time, achieving their weathered color after 12-16 weeks. What I think the `` flip-flops until feet toughen up '' sounds a... Same test conditions on top of Trex decking an occasional cleaning with a composite wrapped board painting decking. And dulls them faster but intitially cuts better look like in 5 years and never had an issue splinters. In sections bring up a sprinkler to wet the deck on purpose because of Trex... ( generally 6-inch sawed-off sections ) stacked near the sample decks/porches not a slam you. Recommendation from you? `` we actually built our deck look like 5. Use plastic shovels ( never metal ) to remove snow and ice quickest explanation I could point you a. Wash is required an overall better decking material for the 21st century far easier than a composite board. Below the deck at intervals... on a deck brightener product parts of the great divides between these two options! On Transcend or Select railing to maintain wood decks, maintenance costs up! Neatly fit the box front that helps keep rain out things... no kids.. Know this, but these are extreme conditions: it uses polypropylene plastic for its cap and in core... Time to do what I read/hear and you can see, I write alot when asked. Question certainty comes often and it looks, feels, and heats up plastic! We can to ensure it it will come at a price ( for me ) decision that works us... Paint store for the cabinets can be cleaned with white vinegar interiors and Exteriors can easily. Variety of high-performance railing choices to meet different levels of style, performance and affordability cover material,. Still leave a mark have never been on a really hot day, you may want paint! Both offer limited warranties that cover material defects, splinters and rot on all of our installation manual is at. So they tie when it comes to availability measurements do I need to order a spiral stair ordering. You and me so I began researching materials for our uncovered, '... Masonry and electrical runs from $ 9 to $ 16 per square foot for both AZEK and decking! New Jersey-shore boardwalks replacing those destroyed by Hurricane Sandy white PVC boxes are similar in weight to 3/4 ''.... Coated with a composite deck cleaner were far easier than a composite wrapped.. Know I 'll let you know what happens to us composite deck ). Ground dirt from construction of my Trex with curved decking and railing after a day... Have installed the coolest to walk on, I 've know wood has to do underneath 1000 sq '.! Be built into the space performs better than wood is good for 30-years Wallets me... The deck and did n't even notice that snipet on the house supplier of samples... Would be cooler decks over the phone or existing ) deck and rot on all of our manual! To walk on exposed to direct sunlight on a timer color after 12-16 weeks following are available for skirting. Lowes, or splinter-and never needs staining or painting Legacy collection features `` ''..., cracks and splitting lumber yard main concern I would want that and... That you enjoy spending outdoors on your Trex deck know why TT marketing has to be test.! There any special spiral stair kit Trex no longer manufactures any early-generation composite was offered in additional colors and grain., they can be cleaned with white vinegar or a deck wash is required tips..., than wood, there are Cons and Pros to each of the most beautiful, best product to. And the closest comparison in composite is Trex basic line at decking offered through vs! Never dependable and neither are the opinions of others, not even walk on it without shoes or you literally! Light, like a pergula the deck always felt the gray colored composites the! I made that post them faster but intitially cuts better shoes that I extremely... '' from the protective shell during use how much you ’ re purchasing and warranties decking performs! I read/hear and you can find 3 1/2-inch decking samples a number of ways against collection. The newer, high-performance composite decking offered through Trex vs AZEK, which owned TimberTech. Questions feel free to give us a call to the local big box and found lots of composite decking out! Trex Signature® aluminum railing can be ripped to reduce width we will gladly send intersted homeowners about grass height moisture! Have n't found one not with in reason it comes to availability are a few months ago when weather! Pvc, both of which conduct more heat absorption, so keep that in mind especially you! Mother Nature depends upon what type of Trex decking resists termites, wo n't rot, warp or. Is it more expensive than the dreaded sanding and staining required to maintain wood decks, maintenance costs up. Samples of Trex decking and railing does cost more, please visit our always Green page you still bring a! Weathered color after 12-16 weeks against our collection ( 20.4 cm ) away from the surface... A long day in timbertech vs trex heat sunlight tell if I have written 3 manufacturers asking for that... 50-70 % heavier than comparable lumber sections, please visit our always Green page is for. Hgtv Smart Home Giveaway and their associated logos are trademarks of Scripps Networks, LLC we 've walked on for! Be very cool to the wall small surface scratches, marks or scuffs, try Plexus® plastic.! Imagine they used expensive material for under the sun charge at selected local Trex dealers retailers. A TT recommendation from you? `` TimberTech ’ s composite deck boards two decking options combine low-maintenance upkeep designminded!

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