Most LED strips look similar at a glance. To dim single colour or white strip lights you'll need a dimmable power supply or a 12V dimmer. }, []); 7.2W per Metre | Lumens: … function trackTrans() { fbq('track', 'PageView'); White 24V LED strips are the same brightness but can be supplied in lengths of up to 10m and can be cut every 6 LED's. The colour, brightness and length of an LED strip can be chosen allowing the creation of bright task lighting, accent lighting or coloured mood lighting. 'country': country Strip Accessories EZ Click-Tight … acc.push(productId); Single colour LED strips (white, pink, blue etc.) window.onload = function() { The installation required over one thousand metres of RGBW LED Strip, all controlled from a central point. LED Strip Brightness. Our LED strips can be cut shorter if required using a pair of scissors. View All; Spotless Strip; High Lumen Strip; Warm-to-Cool Strip; High CRI Strip; Bendy Strip; Side-Emitting Strip; Narrow Strip; Strip And Driver Kit; White Strip; Colour Strips. 'name': product, // Registration events start -- only fire if the shopper registers an account , Browse by Light Output, Color Temperature (CCT) or Color & more, ColorBright™ RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights - UL Listed, Dynamic Tunable White LED Strip Light Kit, Single Color LED Light Dimmers and Amplifiers, Dynamic Tunable White Controllers and Amplifiers, Static White LED Strip Light Solderless Connectors, Dynamic Tunable White Strip Light Connectors. LED drivers can power multiple strips, limited only by the maximum output power of the driver. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Apart from the LED strip lights products, within the store clients can find as well a variety of LED profiles, power supplies, controllers, LED tape kits and LED light bars. The driver in dimmable LED lamps may work with many types of dimmer but not all, for instance LED lamps tend to work better with trailing-edge dimmers rather than leading-edge dimmers, but an existing dimmer may have a minimum load that is too high for an LED lamp, e.g. return results === null ? '' if (pathName.indexOf('/subscribe.php') === 0 && getUrlParameter('result') === 'success') { Call or email us today to start planning your own installation! We have designed RGB color changing LED strip light kits in 3, 8, 16, and 32 foot lengths. } Quick view Choose Options. We have a strong reputation for quality and a technical knowledge second to none which makes us the best choice. } 281.324.0908 9am-6pm M-F (CDT) Login Lost password? Each LED strip we supply has a cable to one end which takes the low voltage feed. return'[data-product], [data-product-id]'), function(acc, obj) { this._addTrans = addTrans; © 2021 Flexfire LEDs . $12.99 . } else { search_string: getUrlParameter('search_query') Multiple LED strip lights can be added to one driver up to it's maximum power capacity. function addItems(orderID,sku,product,variation,price,qty) { Add to Cart. 2 Inch x 11/16 Inch LED Neon Rope Light Aluminum Mounting Clips (5-pack) - 120 Volt. Huge selection including white, CCT adjustable, RGB, RGBW, 12V and 24V. ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', { (It will be available on September) How to stick LED strip lights on wall? 1. All LED strip lights and LED flexible lighting kits are designed in California, USA. if (pathName.indexOf('/wishlist.php') === 0 && getUrlParameter('added_product_id')) { });'POST', '/events/trigger-visit-event'); LED Strip can be … Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over $299. fbq('set', 'autoConfig', 'false', '1109123452438736'); if (getUrlParameter('action') === 'process_payment') { View All; Digital Pixel Strip; Plug and Play Strip; RGB Strip; RGBW Strip; Single Colour Strip; Accessories. With a huge choice of LED strip Lights to choose from, there's a suitable LED strip for most lighting requirements. We supplied the entire kit, including: LED Drivers, LED Strip and DMX controllers. Top quality, affordable 50 inch led light bar for your off road vehicles at night. AURA PRO LED Truck Bed Pod Lighting Kit - Multi-Color Bluetooth App … var pageTracker = new trackEcommerce(); Our LED light fixtures are made to be used with energy-efficient LED light bulbs, which are longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs. var regex = new RegExp('[\?&]' + cleanName + '=([^&#]*)'); Contact … Sign In. this._addItem = addItems; All-in-one kit out of the box. ct. Search for: Home; Gallery; LED Lighting. $11.99. Your new LED lighting adventure starts here, so let us tell you … Larger installations involving dimmers or colour controllers take a bit of thought, we specialise in advising and planning all types of LED strip light installation with a wealth of experience. We take care to slightly under power each LED, keeping within the specified current rating. RGB and RGBW strip lights need a LED Colour Controller to select different colours/effects. 14.4W Per metre | Lumens: 950lm/m | Lm/W: 73lm | CRI: Ra 80 | Input: 12V.