Power down your PS4 device from the front of the console and put it in sleep mode. I am trying to wire my ps4 controller via a usb cable (10 feet). Now connect the controller to the PS4 with a micro USB cable. If you are unable to connect your PS4 controller to your Windows PC, you should disable your computer's Bluetooth, turn it back on, and try to pair it to your device again. Connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable. They use a different method to pair up. So, here’s how to connect a new PS4 controller to your PS4. No dice. Re-Enable Bluetooth. I messed around in the settings to try and connect my controller to my phone and I may have locked myself out of my ps4. 2) If that doesn't work, Sony has this guide for syncing blue tooth devices: The lights on your DualShock 4 won’t turn on and the PS4 doesn’t recognize your controller. BUY NOW: The best PS4 accessories of 2020. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PS4 stuck in Safe Mode, controllers won't connect". Find a paperclip or something to reset controller. Connect the PS4 controller with the USB cable micro connector. That’s all you have to do. (Make sure controller is not plugged in) 2. If the above two methods don’t work for you, then you should use an USB Cable. (Under the L2 button) 3. 5. (Note- PS4 has two USB ports) If you do not achieve success in connecting the PS4 controller to PS4 by the above method, move to the next solution. Now press the power button on the PS4 for 30 seconds to make sure all the power is drained. I came home from a long vacation and none of my controllers would connect to the system. Insert another end of the controller into the USB port on PS4. Whenever it tries to connect via Bluetooth it flashes white and does the same thing when I connect via USB. Once all the lights from the console disappear, unplug the power cable from the outlet. Press the PlayStation button on the controller to log into the PS4. Press and hold the Playstation button. It could be a USB issue, or you could synching incorrectly. Start the PS4 Controller by holding the PS button for few seconds again. I finally fixed it by fully turning off my PS4 (make sure it's off, not resting), resetting it with the small hole under the L2 button, plugging it to my system, turning the PS4 on (turning the console itself on, not pressing the PS button yet), then pressing the PS button once the system was on. ... How to Fix It When a PS4 Controller Won't Connect to PS4. Method 2: connect a wireless controller to PS4 with USB cable. 1. Good news for all, this isn’t a hard thing to do. I forgot my controller, turned off Bluetooth availability, and for some reason turned off remote play. Turn off your PS4. How to connect a new PS4 controller. Connect the USB cable to a different USB port on the PS4 console. when I disconnect the blue tooth connection, and then plugin the usb,the light bar turns yellow for a second and then turns off. Simply connect your DS4 to your PS4 using a USB cable, preferably the one that shipped with your console, although apart from a few exceptions (such as the cable from the Xbox Plug & Charge kit) any compatible USB cable will do. Fix 4 -Register Device Turn on the PS4 console. It should turn your PS4 on. 1. The PS4 (and the Switch) does not have such a button, however. You should keep trying different USB cables and see for the USB cable which works and charges the PS4. 4. Fix 3 – Use a USB Cable. Press & hold the PS button for 3 seconds. There is a possibility something is wrong with the PS4 controller. Hold reset button for ten seconds 4. It’s as simple as getting the USB charging cable and connecting one end to the PS4, and the other to the PS4 controller. I tried a 4 foot also. Connect it back via Power Cable. Unplug the USB cable and enjoy your game. Turn on the PS4 and wait for it to boot up. Solution Two- Reset PS4 controller. The light bar should turn blue indicating the DualShock 4 has paired with the console.

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