First, he served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. A six-part true crime documentary, Dirty Money details the cruel and deceptive ways some of the biggest individuals and organisations have accumulated their wealth. Initial release: 3 September 2017 JOIN NOW SIGN IN. In this eight-episode series, convicted murderers confess reveal that their confessions — ya know, the ones that convicted them in the first place — were coerced, in one way or another. In this series, you will get to see the shocking revelation from the police during the investigation. Then their guilt was put into question, leading police to clear all charges — just five days before one of the men was set to be executed. We all know John Grisham for being every dad’s favourite author, but the softly-spoken former lawyer also gifted us one of the best Netflix crime documentaries you’ve never heard of. With ties to presidents, socialites and influencers, The Family is more deeply rooted in the American political and social spectrum than you may have ever thought. Number of episodes: 12 Docu-series, documentary features and ongoing episodal specials, we don’t discriminate. Presented by: Raymond Burr, Karl Malden, Robert Stack, Virginia Madsen, Dennis Farina Mystery Sort by: The Living Universe: Cosmos as Organism. Filthy Rich. The latest version on Netflix has helped raised attention and brought new leads, but as yet, no cases from the 2020 season have been solved. First episode date: 22 July 2004 Here is a list of the 25 best true crime documentaries on Netflix. The Netflix crime documentary that inspired a generation of TikTokers, Tiger King is one of those weird series that perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of America. Network: Netflix. Network: Netflix Here is a list of the 25 best true crime documentaries on Netflix. Producers: Alison Morrow, Catherine Simeon. Music by: Justin Melland Network: Netflix ... Shanann Watts and her two... 2 Trial By Media. Directors: Rod Blackhurst, Brian McGinn First episode date: 20 January 1987 That’s the question police officers asked author Michael Peterson, whose wife was found dead at the bottom of the stairs not once, but twice. We see murderers hailed as vigilante heroes and race relations tear a city apart. What starts as a story about a Baltimore nun's mysterious murder turns into a larger story about the corruption within the Catholic church and local justice system. Network: Netflix Initial release: 10 September 2016 First episode date: 4 November 2019 Production company: Impact Partners It’s a heart-stopping tale that shows the lengths some criminals will go to in order to stay out of jail and out of the FBI’s hands. The best true crime documentaries don't always focus on murder. After Michael Peterson's wife died in 2001, the novelist claimed she simply took a spill down the stairs — but the court didn't buy it. A truly unbelievable story. No red tape. Netflix Netflix. As the Associate Lifestyle Editor for, Amanda oversees gift guides and covers home, holidays, food, and other lifestyle news. The hour-and-a-half documentary takes a closer look at the case, answering the questions that have haunted many people for years. Is Tiger King a documentary? Initial release: 16 September 2016 (United Kingdom) 25 True Crime Documentaries on Netflix That Are Too Scary for Primetime 1 American Murder: The Family Next Door. Director: Kitty Green Imagine being kidnapped in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people. The best documentaries currently available on Netflix streaming. From executive-producers Mark and Jay Duplass ( Cyrus , Jeff Who Lives at Home) comes... 23 The Confession Tapes You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at It appears Lockdown 2.0 may soon be upon us, and we all know what that means; hours spent locked in front of the TV on a quest to find the best true crime documentaries Netflix has to offer. First episode date: 20 March 2020 Written by: Jean-Xavier de Lestrade Director: Bryan Fogel Judging by ratings alone, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is Netflix’s most successful true-crime docu-series, however, others, such as Dirty Money are higher rated. Detailing the incredible story of Rudy Kurniawan, the fraudster who duped the world of wine elites by seemingly appearing out of thin air with a portfolio of rare releases. A true vigilante tale, The Pharmacist tells the story of a small-town father on a quest for justice. There is video of the confession and the evidence is clear, but something tells us, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Murder for hire, polyamorous relationships and an employee that has their arm ripped off by a tiger. The story is told from Jan and her parent's perspectives, ultimately raising the question: Who can you trust? It seems like it might have a happy ending for Avery, but amid the recovery, the accused finds himself embroiled in another, more serious crime. Cast: Trey Borzillieri. 24 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now. Browse, watch and discuss documentaries filed under Mystery. 20 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix When Catholic school teacher and practising sister Cathy Cesnick was murdered in 1969, the local community was in shock. This four-part series features never-before-seen footage and testimonies by women who escaped Bundy's wrath. Produced by: Serin Marshall; Jen Sey; Julie Parker Benello Director: Barbara Schroeder Initial release: 22 January 2017 It tells the David and Goliath story of Juan Catalan, a simple man who inadvertently found himself accused of a murder he did not commit. To save you wasting your precious quarantine time on one of the dud true crime documentaries on Netflix, we’ve done the research and uncovered the best of the best. The narrative quickly changes from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller. 25 Best Thrillers on Netflix Right Now Awards: Peabody Award – Documentary From the dark depths of true crime stories to the wholesome nature content we absolutely needed this year – here are the top 10 best documentaries on the streaming platform (according to us professional binge-watchers). View on Netflix. Luckily for us, Netflix has been fresh full of content this year – with a number of documentaries to binge to feed our addictions. While on his way home from a party, police falsely accused Kalief Brower, then 16, of stealing someone's backpack. All of the most thrilling movies and shows you can watch right now. That's why popular shows like Law & Order and Unsolved Mysteries exist, after all. Badla (2019) ... 9 stranger-than-fiction true-crime shows and … UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. The next? Executive producers: John Cosgrove, Terry Dunn Meurer. Real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series. To this day, Long Shot is still the most incredible true crime documentary on Netflix. It was only a matter of time that this utopian city turned into chaos with bombings and health scares. Unearthing the sick and twisted life of the 1970s killer turn heart-throb, Conversation with a Killer lets viewers hear the story from Bundy himself. Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (2019) Don’t F**k with Cats is a docuseries that looks … We know it, you know it and apparently so does Netflix. Who had killed the innocent little girl and what was the meaning behind the poorly scripted ransom note? Executive producers: Steven Brill, George Clooney, David Gelb, Jason Sterman, Jeffrey Toobin A must watch Netflix crime documentary for anyone looking to binge-watch this week. Directors: Reuben Atlas, Jerry Rothwell Through interviews with his accusers and an overwhelming amount of evidence, this four-part series will leave you utterly disgusted. Here are 25 of the best documentaries on Netflix right now. 4. Henry Lee Lucas was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of 11 homicides. Based on: Rudy Kurniawan First episode date: 5 February 2020 The True Story of Chris Watts and His Wife and Daughters' Murders, The Golden State Killer Brutally Murdered My Mother, Ted Bundy: Looking Back at the Killing Spree That Landed Him on Death Row, 25 Wild True Crime Podcasts to Binge Right Now, Scary Movies That You Can Watch With Your Kids, The Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch, 25 Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now, 25 Teen Movies on Netflix Worth Re-Watching. So, who was really behind the bomb and what was the point? When a robbery goes wrong, a pizza delivery driver is left with ticking bomb strapped around his neck. “Dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic gold are all part of the exposure of the biggest scandal in sports history,” the official synopsis reads. Genre: Television documentary. When his son dies in a drug-related shooting, pharmacist Dan Schneider embarks on a crusade to bring a reckoning against the powerful figures behind the nation’s devastating opioid epidemic. Shanann Watts and her two children mysteriously disappeared, and her husband Chris confessed to the killings. There’s been a lot of conjecture about this. The worst part? Both theories are equally terrifying. "It's harrowing and upsetting, and it will haunt you for a long time, which is part of what makes it necessary viewing," Vice writes.

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