One of the most common mistakes is confusing flea dirt for these eggs. I washed my sheets and so did my roommate. Hi Katie! My mother cat had kittens, of course the fleas are all over the kittens. Again, not a long-term effective solution for combating fleas as it will only kill the fleas on your dog at the time of bathing and does not prevent them from redeveloping. No signs of fleas on my older gal and only 2 dead ones came off of my tiny kitten with no others in sight. Hi Sara! It somehow breaks down the shell of the flea killing it in usually less than a minute. After all these efforts I’m fairly certain all the living adult fleas on the dog and in our home are all dead or have gotten rid of but I’m afraid there are still eggs throughout my carpet or other areas our dog could’ve come into contact with. Hi Fran, a bath with warm soapy water and a flea comb will work perfectly, give it a try. I cannot even sleep soundly at night because there’s bug biting (i think). These are slightly more aggressive methods but they definitely work. No one listens anymore. I have been manically cleaning since and have these pin pricks all over. I can’t guarentee that revolution will work, not because its a bad product but it does differ on a per pet, per region basis. Do you think this would work or do you have a better option? We’ve had them confined to their pet carrier for a few days now, and I’m feeling pretty sorry for them being cooped up constantly. So as well as treating your pet, carpets and furnishings in the home also need to be treated with an aerosol spray at the earliest opportunity. Recommend repeated every few days to ensure you got all the eggs and fleas, plus treat your house and any bedding before the dogs lay on it. Will drying my clothes in batches on the highest setting for, 90 mins do the trick? Summary: Dealing with flea eggs is a critical part of removing fleas from your home. Bath the cat (if possible) in warm water and dawn soap. In addition, make a few DIY flea traps and leave them out, I have an article on this blog for that as well. They can deliver about 4000 eggs … We put the drops on his shoulder-blade area and are giving him the capstar pills as well and he seems to have perked up. What is the fastest and best way for me to get rid of them ASAP because my kids keep getting bit. Good luck Al B! Have you heard/use this? I had an exterminator come and spray the whole place and the rug (which has since been ditched). If you have something that is difficult or expensive to clean that may have eggs on/in it, just stick it in the freezer for a couple of days. Thank you. Thanks so much, Carly, Hi Carly! Should I also bother washing in th cold water? Some products contain substances that kill adult fleas, while others work by interrupting the development of fleas – and some do both. I vacuum cleaning and mopping and I vacuum clean my basement and my mother in law flea bomb and we still had fleas and it was bad in the basement so 4 days later we flea bomb again and their still there so I took the couches out of the basement and trash the because they are old in the first place then I vacuum clean the the basement and spray it qith hot water and dawn soap and I been vacuum cleaning and mopping upstairs and I still have them I even vacuum clean the couches upstairs and move them and mop.. They are everywhere!!! Does / can anybody know / who will experiment/discover what effect, if any, vinegar has as a spray (undiluted) for floors / bedding / furniture / to wash animals / wash small areas on house pets (cats, in particular)? Here is my question: I didn’t know what to do with all my shoes so I just put them in a huge plastic bag and tied it up. I bought Borax at Walmart but that is no guarantee to kill the eggs as I know. I had cancer and can not have the house flogged or using heavy chemical. Add some Dawn dish soap ( the basic blue kind will do) to your wash cycle. It might sound overly simple but they are extremely effective. I am not able to upload the picture that I have, but My 2 cats have had fleas for a few months, I cannot get rid of them!! If you have a deep clean vacuum machine, use that to get rid of them. I will put the kittens in the basement, get my family out of the house while I work, and spray that poison one more time. Yes, I think your approach is good, so you should be fine moving forward. Hi Malibu. The eggs are usually sticky and hard to remove. I thought the problem was gone until yesterday when I saw two more fall off my cat looking mostly dead. What products have IGR and what is DE? Congrats on your baby, I am also almost due again (8 weeks). I have found a couple of fleas in my bed and, after reading about fleas and the signs of their presence, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been seeing flea dirt in my bathroom sink for a number of weeks (one of my cats loves to sleep and sit in it…). I am spending hours on this and have a bad back which is acting up from all of the cleaning. Hi Rita! I still have DE and Borax in the baseboards and carpets under furniture, will that still work? I don’t have any pets, been trying to get rid of them, hoovering everyday, let bombs off, got strong spray that the vet recommended. Flea Eggs After a meal, a female flea will lay between four and eight eggs. Then we can take action. We do not have pets, and the fleas may be in our yard that is being demoed and worked on, so I believe they are there. Hi Rob, hope so as well, how is the situation right now? I’m confused because I’ve only seen about six fleas total (on my cats) in the past month, but I thought even one flea meant an infestation? There is also another dog in the house. when I comb fleas off my cat I will crush them between my nails. There are about 2,000 different types of fleas and only one of those can live on humans, so it is extremely rare. Good news is that if you use any flea product that contains an IGR (insect growth regulator), it will stop them from hatching. We treated our cat with fipronil (not frontline ‘plus’, though) 10 days ago and at first it seemed to work as expected; the number of fleas decreased overnight and to this day we still see fleas just falling off her and dying shortly after. No it shouldn’t. Hi, I’m moving out a place with fleas. So what I’m wondering is this: are her ferrets okay to go back into their cage or run around the house? Right before going to bed my husband shook our blankets. Hi Marci! If you are concerned, just put a couple DIY flea traps in your rooms and those should catch them during the night (article on this blog). Hi Natasha, I’m fighting fleas somethings terrible on my little miniature chiwawa. Hi Sam, recommend what exactly? For as little as £1 you can make a difference - do you have one minute? However, I do recommend giving it a try, best to get a monthly treatment and keep it up for a couple months to ensure that all the eggs are also killed. Additionally, I am going to send you my ebook on flea removal (usually $9), just because I know that you need the help being pregnant and all. We treated around 35,000 sick injured and homeless pets last year. My life outside of work is committed to being a flea killer. I’ve moved into my new property and have fleas! Just found a few more fleas on the little one so now more baths. There is no way they can be all washed. Now I have set up a flea trap with candle in bowl of soapy water. took a ingredient completely off and dropped an ingredient 75%. Hi Morgan, honestly, I think that you are in the clear! Keep up the good work . Some pets are allergic to fleas and get something called flea allergy dermatitis, where the skin becomes hypersensitive. Perhaps it was eggs. We rescued a kitten, he’s 10 wks old (looks like someone dropped it off at a gas station). Hi Sherry! I even tried the old school method of borax for the basement. I thought maybe I was seeing things and they had been dead all along. ANY help would be greatly appreciated at this point. This will get rid of both the eggs and any lingering fleas. Our issue is a major flea infestation in the basement, we don’t see activity upstairs or on our pets. should i use lime? Treated her immediately with petarmor which is supposed to work like frontline. The vet told me in August that my 2 cats had fleas. That is a great question, and as luck would have it, I literally just posted an article that covers flea larvae, which answers your question nicely (even shows some pics). full strength vinegar spray on carpet as well? where the carpet is. The adult flea lays them in bunches of about 20 eggs in a cluster. Hey Karen! Lime works well, just make sure you have it applied properly. Your coke dealer comment made me laugh so hard Yes, I recommend making a few flea traps (completely DIY), and leaving one per room each night. Thanks much in advance for your answer! Then a week later they are back. Hi Robyn, never heard of such an occurrence. They itched and I got a rash. I immediately took her to get a flea bath and washed all our bedding and her bed. Yesterday I put down DE the food type all over the carpets, mattress, in corners, baseboards etc. And then that same day, the lady who took him in called me to tell me that he had fleas! They measure about 1-2mm and can live for 7-14 days, dividing their time between living on your dog and laying eggs. Flea eggs are actually smooth and translucent. I am interested in something that is effective but safe for animals. I freaked out and took the box outside. How likely isnitbthayvoir clothes have transferred eggs? I have an article on both these topics under the “fleas” category, check them out . This method should only be used if it’s a high-quality and safe product recommended by your vet. I assume your next recommendation would be some sort of fogger, but I have no knowledge of what budget-friendly kind works best. What do you suggest we do to disinfect the Roomba to make sure eggs aren’t living inside where it swept? Hi Natasha, So I recently had to deal with a flea infestation because a rug I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond was infested with them. Surprising that they didn’t die though, did you put soap in the loader? I’ve been having a hard time even wrapping my mind around possibly having parasites in my home and it’s been driving me mad. That will work out fine. I have no animals inside the house. Sorry for the late response, not under normal circumstances, fleas can’t survive on human blood. Maybe the water has to be above 130F (mine was 120F) to kill the cat fleas. On Monday I would like to start the foggers. It’s very bothersome because i am a clean person, and this makes my stomach turn!! These treatments normally eliminate and prevent ear mites, too. A friend told me about borax, which I bought today and used throughout my entire upstairs, unfortunately I ran out before I could do my living room. Any ideas on how to treat a feral cat with fleas? I use electric traps every night but I’m not catching anything at all. I want to make sure I kill all the eggs. Im trying to b on top of this lol even tho i havent physically seen one on me but its been. Good luck! Hi Jill. so why do I have a very bad flea problem. regards, Jack. I have tried every thing!!!! so i’m sure that’s where it’s coming from. Hi Natasha. Yes that will work but as an added precaution, hot wash anything that can be washed. I believe I may have had some follow me home and am now trying to rid my house of them. I have bathing appointments for them next week. I work 3-11 during the week and can’t get as much done as I’d like. No evident flea dirt, eggs, or live/dead adults! Hi Diana! And can it also kill other pests? Let me know if I can help you. Hi Natasha, your site is certainly helpful. I used the spray she gave me in every area they were in and it worked but it was stinky and gave us headaches. HELP! This will dehydrate the exoskeleton and kill the fleas. Hi Katy, in it’s diluted form, it should be fine. Hi Judi, yes it is necessary. Maybe just check with them. Thanks! I keep finding light colored fleas. We have some warmer weather on the way this weekend (48 on Sat and 59 on Sunday which is unusual for Dec in New England), so I am going to suck it up and just spray the carpeted areas and under beds and furniture again like I did last Mon. Thank you again! Adults: The Final Stage. Hi Linda, your plan of attack is perfect, I love it. I was told they were treated for fleas by the nonprofit as well as the person fostering them in her home. Thank for the great tips, really appreciate your contribution to the community . Thank you! Everything will shrink. For as little as £1 you can make a difference - do you have one minute? I recommend that you give food grade DE a try (article on this blog). Specially in our bedroom as our cats USED to sleep in our bed. Thanks Natasha for the excellent advice. However, there are a number of flea sprays that have a pleasant smell and contain IGR (insect growth regulator) and I suggest you go and grab one of those. If I use an IGR spray for any eggs there may be, is it harmful to children? Thanks for the very informative collection of articles. What do i do? After reading this article, I hope this will never be you Thanks for reading my article about flea eggs! Hi Anny! Registered address Shilton Road, Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4PF. And it had really Small black worm looking deals in it, what is that? I have looked on the bottle of the Adams flea spray and I do not see where they use a IGR. Take action now and get rid of fleas and flea eggs by following these steps: Wash blankets, bedding, sheets and pillows to get rid of fleas and eggs. It is used all the time on wildlife, especially to remove oil, and is safe to wash young kittens in to kill fleas since young kittens and nursing/ pregnant females can’t be given chemical flea killers. I have a 25lb dog that has a flea infestation – so far, we have sprayed our entire apartment and furniture with an IGR spray, washed his bedding and our bedding, vacuumed every room, got him a flea collar, used Advantage and Capstar (the pill from the vet), quarantined him into one room so he wouldn’t reinvest the rest of the place, and used a flea comb to get rid of as many fleas as we could as well as the dust/eggs. Hello! All of our work is funded entirely through donations. Hello, We have 2 dogs and an indoor cat, all 3 have flea medication dips on nexgard cat on revolution. I’ve never noticed them on my dog and cat (both treated and looked at by the vet for fleas) but should I be worried I have a flea infestation? I’ve been doing this for 3weeks now. What can I do to help my poor girl out? The spray I used smelled and was toxic. I’m not too sure how it works but is it safe? We do live directly on waterfront and our basement tends to stay humid and cool, do you have any suggestions of what else I could try, or how to locate the source of where they areally coming from? To get rid of a flea problem, however, you'll need to battle fleas at every stage of their life, from egg to adulthood. Definitely try the flea traps, that is all you need to do, well done . A couple fleas is nothing to seriously worry about, just keep an eye out and see if their numbers increase. He’s completely healthy otherwise. I feel like the flea treatment isn’t killing the fleas though.. What do I do? A single application of any product is not sufficient. We also sprayed raid around the room. Wash your pet with flea shampoo to get rid of adult fleas and eggs. Somehow the male had a flea when the vet was checking them out at the their first visit last Monday. Please remember that my guides are for informational purposes only, and that you agree to the terms of use when reading content on this website. Saw comment about flea collars in boxes. It’s been about two weeks I I have noticed fleas in my bed whilst sitting on my phone. I’ve tried capstar pills, frontline, shampoos etc on the dog and nothing works. We have no carpet but we do have a front yard where many dogs visit so i’m wondering how do i kill the eggs in the yard? These minute white ovals are less than 1 mm in length and, along with the black flea feces typically found with them, are referred to as 'salt and pepper' by veterinarians. Dog flea eggs measure about 0.05mm or 1/50 of an inch long. Hi Shantay! Hey Linda! I also will try your idea of ol using DE and / or borax, but then when should I use the flea spray (which also kills flea eggs)- before or after I put on the DE? Your efforts to combat fleas will be useless if you don’t stop the flea life cycle. The best treatment for fleas is prevention - not cure - and there are a range of products available -Maybe some varieties of them are tougher than others. We have a semi-house and an unfinished basement and it is difficult to cover all areas. And I supouse we should first use borax to get read of the adult fleas first then use the IGR spray to make sure eggs are killed too? The first step is understanding the enemy. Hi Candy! All of this within a 3 day period, however we seem to be getting them back in the basement. I’m so worried I will never get rid of these things. I have completely cleaned the dogs beds and mopped up and sprayed flea killer (with IGR) to the entire floor surrounding it as well as to the rest of my house just to be safe. Hi Natasha, I recently noticed two days ago that my cat was scratching and I saw a few fleas. Will they die since she is on the front line. How do i get rid of fleas in my yard? This will eliminate the need to purchase (and apply) a flea spray or DE (although DE can be used a couple weeks after the flea bomb to kill any lingering pests). Hi! Also, is that IGR spray safe to use on carpets that my cats walk on?

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