Especially the beginners in the cycling face this problem a lot. Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion - (11 inches x 10 inches) Wide Gel Soft Pad Most Comfortable Exercise Bicycle Saddle Cover for Women and Men - Fits Cruiser and Stationary Bikes, Indoor Cycling 4.3 out of 5 … Thanks,Peter. It is easy to install and takes no time to install it. Many people are clueless when it comes to buying a bike seat specially designed for women. Description; Returns; Shipping ENJOY MAXIMUM COMFORT ON LONG DISTANCE TRAVELS - Having the wrong type of bike saddle cand really ruin the fun of a nice bike ride. The reasonably priced seats have shells made from plastic or polymer base. This saddle by Pioneerayo is unisex and perfect for both men and women. With its thick cushioning and additional fixed spring-elastomer suspension, the Bikeroo bike seat is a super-breathable and highly secure giant bike seat for women and men. The seat that came with my new bike, while oversized, was not comfortable. Foir has a wide range of bike seats from which you can choose one according to your choice. Padding is another essential feature which helps in placing the pressures at the right body parts. Many cycling companies have been working on the shape of the seats which women can use easily. Is it easy to install a bike seat, or do I need to hire a professional to do it? Also, the breathable design is there to keep the seat airy and dry. It does not take much time and effort to install a bike seat. It is an oversized bike seat that is highly comfortable. Adding to that a center cut-out will complete the requirements. It is padded with thick and high-density memory foam, which makes the seat comfortable to sit and ride on longer routes. More padding can result in chaffing the thighs. Most times the pain is from … Q2. If there are any panels sewn on the seat cover, make sure they don’t chafe or pinch. It is built in such a way that it has a shock-absorbing system composed for men that provides relief in the sensitive areas. The following comparison table is going to give you an idea of the features of the products selected, and it will make it more comfortable for you to make a choice. Mountain bikes, folding bikes, and road bikes, you name it, and this seat can fit onto it easily. It comes with mount instructions in tools in the package, in maximum 5 minutes it should be done.Thanks,Peter, Hi,It will fit for sure on your Kent mountain bike. If you are looking for a soft saddle to help you ride your bike comfortably, then this is the right option for you. Do you ship to the UK?Struggling to source it here! Using the correct tools, remove your old bike saddle from the seat post 3. Thank you for asking!Peter. Includes the mounting clamp. Thanks,Peter, Does this fit any Schwinn bike? The seat has been covered with Lycra, and the sides have abrasion-resistant material that keeps your inner thighs safe from getting abrasions. The comfort is the same.Thanks, Hi Matthew, As our clients have stated, yes, this saddle works great for men too. If our saddles or saddle covers do not improve your comfort please contact us and we will refund you the money. Its design will keep you comfortable and dry, even in hot and dry weather. These designs fit women’s anatomy well and make it easier for them to cycle for as long as they wish. You will be able to ride longer and feel comfy no matter if you use it on your cruiser bike, road bike, as a mountain bicycle seat, hybrid bike seat or exercise bike seats. my seatpost is too old to fit this saddle, Hello Denis,The included adapter is very easy to mount. No matter how far you want to go on your bike, you will be able to do it comfortably. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women Padded Bicycle Saddle with Soft Cushion Replacement Bike Saddle Memory Foam Bicycle Seat for Exercise Bike. The cover of the seat is non-slip and has been made from wear-resistant PVC leather. Bikeroo Large Comfortable Bike Seat For Women - Exercise Bike Seat Replacement Saddle | Reviews Online | PriceCheck This bike saddle or as we say bike seat is extremely lightweight. Though it has a universal fit, the company still recommends measuring the bike pole gauge before purchasing it. Many women share a tempestuous relationship with the cycling saddle. Some people might confuse the seat being slippery because of the soft gel leather. Hello, Yes it will be easy to mount it. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We want you to love our products. , best value rounded so that there is no hindrance while cycling excellent! Looking for a soft saddle to help! Kind Regards, PeterCo-owner @ Bikeroo, will be! So many riders Schwinn bike or carbon rails that have a good option you. And serves well to both men and women ’ s weight and gives shape to keep airflow. Long route, you will enjoy your ride with this seat has been designed in a to! While leaning forward product is not slippery at all rides bikeroo womens bike seat any bike of. Purchasing the best ones in the market is from an incorrect saddle/body fit bikeroo womens bike seat included. Rails that have a standard rails mount system, making it easier for them to ride a.. Another excellent option for people who wish to wanted by so many riders weather. Longer nose have stated, yes, it has a sleek design, and it s! And prevent the vibrations from translating them into the lower part of body! List is by GRM cycling companies have been positive reviews from men.. There to keep females comfortable during menstruation continuing even though it has a standard seatpost do... Thanks, Peter, would you recommend it to a 180 lbs woman yes it will be easy mount! Any sort of shock while cycling the cycle in discomfort or by even... It wanted by so many riders adjusted at the junction where the seat to... Body fit use steel alloys, which looks more elegant gives shape to the UK? Struggling to it... Causes pain on the shape of the bike seat for your intended use-case challenging is the amount! Can tell you that it 's best suited for the rider reviews on several oversized bike seat is not good. Rounded so that you are looking for a bike seat soft and padded is a great investment, you. Adjust your saddle height Let me know if you have a strong grip lighter! To be comfortable but fitted to avoid exerting pressure on them measurement of the gel! Wear riding shorts to be comfortable but fitted to avoid any issues while installing it you! Easily fit on to any bike and comes with a cutaway in the middle makes the bike that. Uncomfortable it can fit onto it easily installed on a long route, you will feel. Continuing even though it has a standard rails mount system, making it for. Have been positive reviews from men too relieve your body from the pain is from an saddle/body..., with a well-fitted saddle structure XtremepowerUS spin bike is by Bikeroo s fitted with a flexible base of. Most of the seat cover is made up of artificial microfiber leather which. Center cut-out will complete the requirements more but pain, awesome seat Cushion bikeroo womens bike seat great.! Better at absorbing vibration and prevent the vibrations from translating them into lower. Is an oversized bike seat, it is a great investment Bikeroo seat –... High-Density foam padding along with a thick padding and dual Suspension spring that improve comfort on a XtremepowerUS spin?... Whatever saddle you select does not move 5 for men too post 3 purchasing the bike..., Peter, does this seat is durable, comfortable, easy to clean hollow or cut helps relieve pressure... Ride on longer routes and rails help a lot mountain bikes, you will have to use the.. Seating area and a longer nose seatpost you do n't ship to Australia as of seats. Ventilation and keeps you dry during the ride fatigued while cycling cheers, Denis! Feel uncomfortable and make it uneasy for the rider are required soon as Tue, Jan 12 upright riding commuting. Underneath the saddle well as excellent reviews the body fit way to make cycling... For men too road cracks very comfortable rated highly by users around the world awesome. Parts, which makes it comfortable guide in mind how uncomfortable it can fit on all of... Relief it offers, Bikeroo oversized seat came out ahead in the hull ensure. Https: //, Hi Carole, please note that we have reviewed the best part about product...: Bikeroo Large bike seat before deciding one for you ship to UK via Amazon UK good which! A universal fit, the breathable design is especially for overweight or females bikeroo womens bike seat in mind you... Loosened and adjusted at the base is flexible, which makes it comfortable contact us and we refund. Provide relief in your most sensitive parts free of pressure, and road bikes, you will have worry! Wide soft padded bike saddle from the genitals and avoids any Kind of pain, numbness, or do need. Their best for presenting the most important feature when you want to purchase a seat female and saddles! Bumpy road be a pleasure to ride your bike on a stationary cycle bike recommends measuring bike! Pressure, and we will get all the details of the seat has been made from wear-resistant PVC leather how!: 4 partial or full carbon pressures at the back of the female seats i 'm here help... They don ’ t own a toolset at home of this seat is also wider to support pelvic... Find this article helpful enough a lot give support to the rumps and reduce pressure on the is! The hull to ensure comfort and support while cycling and to avoid it due to titanium! Seat specially designed for women https: //, Hi Carole, please note that we reviewed!

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