Discover now our comparison of the best Tenor Saxophone Reeds. I tried a #3 and my first impressions were that is was too soft, there was no resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the features which should be present in the clarinet reeds so that you could narrow your options to a smaller number. Making this choice can require lots of time, effort and research. The #2.5 is similar to a V12 #2.5, if anything a tiny bit softer, the #3 jumps up a little and I would say it’s similar in strength to a Rue L’Epic #3. he best selling of the Surefire reeds. With the various limitations that traditional cane reeds present to saxophonists such as warping, consistency, and longevity. Both ebonite and metal were quickly accepted as an ideal solution to the problem of replacing an unstable material. Synthetic Reed Recommendations The only synthetic … Whilst the question of ‘best’ saxophone reed for jazz will be personal to each individual player, there are some industry-leaders and we’ll take you through 5 of them in this guide. Légère uses … No need to ‘break’ reeds in, ready to blow straight away, Cheaper in the long run than constantly buying boxes of cane reeds, Uniform sound, immune to temperature & humidity changes, Part 1 of 3: Vandoren & Gonzalez Clarinet Reeds (, Part 2 of 3: Rico Group (Rico, Rico Royal, Reserve, Grand Concert etc) (. In fact some of the players that are now using them professionally often use quite short and close facings with a synthetic reed set-up. Despite my average feelings about the Legere Classic they consistently stand up well in the figures. I mentioned in part 2 of 3 that we’d look at synthetic and the ‘best of the rest’ cane reeds. 0 Reviews (0 Reviews) $33.99. This is when the interesting phenomenon of ‘Legere-itis‘ kicked in for me (it’s a new term, bear with me)…It’s best described as a strange manifestation of a reed ‘feeling’ too hard (i.e. Clarinet Reeds Bb GERMAN and AUSTRIAN Eb BASS ALTO – Ab – CONTRABASS Bb Clarinet Reeds Traditional Reeds Bb clarinet V•12 Reeds Bb clarinet 56 rue Lepic Reeds Bb clarinet V21 Reeds Bb clarinet German and Austrian Reeds for Oehler system Clarinet German Clarinet Reeds V21German Clarinet Reeds Oehler system Clarinet White Master Traditional reeds […] Choosing which woodwind reed to buy can be challenging, even for seasoned musicians. A big problem was always that natural products such as wood and cane were not only inconsistent, but also unstable – prone to warping, cracking, and sooner or later just wearing out – sooner rather than later in the case of reeds as they also deteriorate due to various digestive enzymes in the saliva. Depends.” I like to have a cleanliness and centre to my sound, as long as it still has depth and for me the Bravo felt the ‘best in test’ on this point. Usually Ships in 24 Hours. Synthetic reeds are used rather often because they are much more resistant in time and they are not affected by moisture and temperature. More importantly though I still found the ‘lag’ when trying to articulate quickly and creating much dynamic range (on either Legere) was hard work. Légère Reeds online store is currently available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There’s different variables for each of us like embouchure, mouthpiece tip openings etc. Selbie Imitation Cane Drone Reeds have been designed to provide the stability of a synthetic reed.. £45.00 Ex Tax: £37.50. Following on from Part 1 (Vandoren & Gonzalez) and Part 2 (D’Addario Woodwinds i.e. If you normally play a 2.5 regular cane reed, consider buying a 2.25 or a 2.0 synthetic reed. ctbzz. It always seemed to me that synthetics might have a dead plasticky type sound so I just never tried them. In the last few weeks, I learned about a new synthetic reed on the market; Bravo Premium Synthetic Reeds. Arguably you may get through more than x1 box of Plasticover in the time you could get a Legere to last. ‘Reed’ all about it: Part 3 of 3. I'll second the nomination of the BARI medium, based primarily on the fact that it probably has the longest, most successful track record of any of the synthetic reeds out there. Add To Cart . Rico by D'Addario RJA1030 Alto Sax Reeds Review Rico’s reeds make me a little nostalgic because they were the first reeds … Jim runs through a selection of synthetic reeds we stock at The company remains 100% Canadian! Dr. Joe Wolfe , a University of New South Wales … So far I’ve been getting on very well with the #3’s and have found them to have a nice mix of brightness with body. They are also slightly more expensive than cane reeds… I’m going to get straight to it and say these actually felt in many ways like a normal reed, responded like a normal reed and you get 5 in a box that all play the same. Or to be more precise this is how D’Addario Woodwinds describe the Plasticover range (you know D’Addario, the people that OWN Rico brand? In my experience I hear the following reasons: If one of those reasons is ever that you want to double the volume of your sound I introduce you to Fibracell…It’s the clarinet equivalent of giving yourself of a performance enhancing steroid! VAT: $36.25* excl. We’ve found in the past that mouthpieces with a shorter lay tend to work better with synthetic reeds as it’s requiring less of the reed to flex and due to the nature of their design and internal structures this can be beneficial. You can get a box of five Bravo reeds for $30. Interestingly they’ve not gone down the ‘buy one reed and make it last 3 months’ route and charge the price of a box for a single reed like Legere, Fibracell etc. Price $34.95. So, now we’re going into a brave new world…part normal reed, part ‘synthetic’. Synthetic Clarinet Reed Options & ‘Best of the Rest’ 5th May 2019. It's also the least … To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Synthetic Clarinet Reeds. Price $34.95. The Wood Stone reeds offer a quick response due to the thin tip and a rich and deep sound thanks to the thick heart. The Legere Signature reed has a physically thinner profile than the classic, and is thinner at the tip, but is made from a stiffer material. I just got a few synthetic reeds to try out. 13. While Légère reeds are durable, they can easily be damaged if mishandled or dropped. There are more and more manufacturers coming to the market with synthetic alternatives to address these issues. I will freely admit that previously I’d never found a satisfactory answer in the synthetic world. Price $34.95. Read User Reviews & Check Price On Henderson . Bari Elite Bass Clarinet Synthetic Reed. The best cane is … But, nor are 95% of the people reading this blog, so I’m trying to give just an honest opinion on my feelings as an experienced player who’s tried many things in his time at Dawkes. Saxophone reeds are … Thanks for signing up. Best Clarinet Reeds, Best Clarinet for Beginners and Advanced Players, Best Clarinet Reed Brands The clarinet is an amazing instrument, but you need to know that in order to produce … Reed Absorb (0) $4.95. There is no truth in it, only our subjective … There’s no such thing as the best reed in the world. The Medium reeds have good volume and tone and are best suited to the more experienced player. If all else fails, a synthetic reed may be the best solution. Add to Wish List. For this test I actually used a #3. Price $34.95. Another problem is a difference in how the reed responds, or feels to the player. As soon as a viable alternative for mouthpieces was found – ebonite (hard rubber) – it very quickly superceded wood as the main mouthpiece material. Add to Cart. You’ll eventually want to get several different brands and strengths and experiment to see what works best for you. By all reports they are doing well in the US at least and Europe is now starting to increase steadily. However, it’s very difficult to say because the way they play is very different. There are more and more manufacturers coming to the market with synthetic alternatives to address these issues. Although they are not specifically made for jazz playing, these are … Extra strength will ensure some extra volume (but at a cost). Harmonic Deluxe Bass Drone Reed. So far the big problem has always been the enormous difference in sound, usually perceived as a negative difference. Purchasing the best clarinet reeds can help improve the quality of your sound and allow you to perform at your best every time you pick up your instrument. Bravo Reeds Introduction With the various limitations that traditional cane reeds present to saxophonists such as warping, consistency, and longevity. In the case of saxophones, metal also became popular for mouthpieces as an alternative. Formerly known as Rico Royal, these are a higher quality alternative to the classic ‘orange box’ Rico reeds. Intermediate – Advanced, Arrange a one to one consultancy/lesson in saxophone, improvising, composing, The ultimate saxophone gift: Story of the Saxophone book Gift & card all in one. Hand selected from premium quality french cane the Wood Stone reed is meticulously created to the exacting standards of the Wood Stone specialists in Japan. I tried Legere reeds a year ago and was not totally convinced, but they seem to finally have found the right formula with a new model, the Legere Signature. To unpack the reed, remove it from the case or box carefully avoiding contact with the tip. They are like a fixed point on the bell curve, whereas cane reeds shift all over the place. If you are looking for top quality Best Synthetic Clarinet Reeds, read the detailed reviews on top 10 Best Synthetic Clarinet Reeds before buying. First of all, I'm aware that there's many threads on synthetics, but I'm not finding enough on tone, & comparison to tone of cane. Personally, I really like the D’Addario Reserves! This bass reed works particularly.. £35.00 Ex Tax: £29.17. I find the best one to be the Bari Mediums.....they last and sound great once you adjusted to it.I'll second the nomination of the BARI medium, based primarily on the fact that it probably has the longest, most successful track record of any of the synthetic reeds out there. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. You must confirm your email address before we can send you. too bright and a little harsh when pushed. Bari Elite Soprano Saxophone Synthetic Reed. The main one I’d like to point out to people is definitely these Wood Stone cane reeds . Two week trial. After all there are many great pro players now using synthetic reeds, some just in certain scenarios, others more regularly. Better than Cane and Best of Brand. Of course, they still need to be affordable. The only synthetic reed I have found so far that sounds very close to a cane reed, and responds in the same way is the Legere Signature. What works perfectly for one won’t for another. Fibracell synthetic reeds have been around for over 15 years and are a well-respected, good quality synthetic reed. Please choose OK to accept that you are happy with this, All sales profits donated to special needs music - Info, Synthetic mouthpieces, so why not synthetic reeds? Synthetic Pipe Chanter Reeds Clanrye Synthetic Pipe Chanter Reed - Easy Item code: 1754S incl. This is a big deal – any sax player will know just how much time you can spend adjusting reeds! Find out about our very lively saxophone discussion forum at, Like most sites, we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. First thing to notice is due to the thinner profile you do have to be sure your ligature is fitting well, the Rovner L5 light I was using was nearly at full screw closure to hold the reed securely. Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates on the latest news, tutorials and special offers! Here are some of the features that you should consider before purchasing from the best clarinet reeds. So, let's see a list of some things to consider about tenor reeds. Sound Quality. They use world-class equipment, technology, and materials to bring the very best synthetic reeds possible to market. The best synthetic reed. Firstly, you have to know the type of music you are going to make through your saxophone. Close behind is the Hahn Fibre Reed, I played one of these and liked it a lot when I test played one at the Frankfurt Musikmesse fair, but when I ordered one to play at home, it seemed completely different. I'm thinking of trying synthetics, I'm soooo tired of inconsistencies of cane. This is not the case with reeds: most players still prefer the sound (and response) of cane reeds, and for years manufacturers have been experimenting with synthetic materials in order to provide a stable long lasting product that not only sounds like a cane reed, but has the same “feel”. 10 Best Saxophone Reed Reviews and the Best Saxophone Reed … On initial testing a few weeks back I tried the clarinet #2.5 and my colleague Nick tried the same on Alto Sax. Synthetic reeds are consistent. Matching these properties in a synthetic material is difficult but is essential in creating a good reed. In this saxophone reed guide we've compared sound quality, design, strength and value for money. Okay, I just have to say something about synthetic reeds. Although the sound was good over some parts of the range, the higher notes seemed to close up and play slightly flat. I tried Hartmann Onyx on it and it was just too "brittle" sounding. DISCLAIMER: I think it’s important to point out that I am just one person, one opinion etc. Between all the tenor reeds, finding the best tenor saxophone reeds would be a challenge to you. There is a new European Signature Cut due soon and it will be interesting to see how that works with the more commonly used mouthpieces in this part of the world. The most reliable brand of synthetic reeds, used by professionals and amateur musicians, is Légère. Good good, another thing that’s safe to put in my mouth, not much detail on what it is, but as long as its safe. Légère synthetic bassoon reeds deliver consistency, durability and instant response. This concludes our look at the current state of the Clarinet reed market. The AC brightened it up without shattering any wine glasses. In my studio I’m playing my saxes a lot every day, but normally I need to spend time making sure each reed is flat and sealing well. Part of me thinks that despite my initial disappointment with the Legere options there could be a combination there that works. The best synthetic reed. Sign Up to our regular instrument newsletters, choose your instrument and get info on the latest products, video reviews, blogs, offers, workshop tips and more. Quick View. Some of us like one brand and others like another. When these are more consistent (and there is no reason why a synthetic should not be consistent), then these will be a very close competitor to Legere. A very popular reed which produces an excellent full rich tone. Bari Elite Bb Clarinet Synthetic Reed. There like bad dates. Cost-Effective. So, let's see a list of some things to consider about tenor reeds. Anyways I want to know if anyone has tested many of the brands and … Jones JR101MS Oboe Reed Medium Soft Jones is a well-known maker of oboe reeds, and this is one of their best reed models available. We hope that our list of the 10 best clarinet reeds … Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Clarinet Hemp Reed. As such you won’t be surprised to learn that they play very similarly to the normal Rico type reed but with a little extra brilliance and vibrancy. We’ve also found them good for people who have minor allergies to the cane reeds as they protect the lips a little but without having to get used to how a fully synthetic reed plays. I have tried various synthetic reeds from Legere, Bari, Fiberreed, Forestone, Fibracell, and although I still prefer traditional cane, I am noticing improvements in design, sound quality and consist… 85 $35.00 $35.00 Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7 FREE Shipping by Amazon Only 13 left in … They were quietly put onto our system and it was only recently that I had chance to give them a good try. The Fibracell had more of a cane feel and also played better than a fresh cane reed. Bravo Reeds Synthetic Clarinet Reed 5 Pack. Check Price On Amazon . With the new Signature Series and the new Carbon Onyx by Fiberreed, I’ve decided to spend the money and replace the cane reeds … The Signature had arguably the best clarinet sound in the test, especially in the lower register, there were elements of a ‘real’ reed sound, quite dark and full. I haven't tried it yet on my Saxcape but that one is very reed friendly so I'm sure it'll be fine. 4) McCallum student edition with Blackwood Drone. Pipers Pal Recharge Kit (0) $12.50. Joking aside, I’d really like to try a harder one to see how that affects it. These are a good option if you want to retain a more normal cane sound but with some added bite. We respect your privacy. Synthetic reeds are also cost-effective. I agree that Legere are definitely the best synthetic reeds currently on the market, though I personally find that their usefulness depends on the ensemble/genre. musicians with severe loss of income due to COVID-19, All about Pete, biography, credits, press discography, Albums, music composed for TV, film, radio & games, FAQs. The numbers are also slightly different. Bass Saxophone. I just bought a clarinet about three months ago and wooden reeds have been my nemesis since the purchase. The result is a reed which is perfectly balanced and has the right combination of tip thickness, heart, and … It’s also one of the few companies left where when you call a real person answers the phone. Fibracell reeds are sold individually and last up to 6 times longer than cane, making them less expensive to use than cane!”. Their reeds are available in a variety of different cuts and strengths. Sopranino & Bass Saxophone reeds. I tried the #3 on all mouthpieces and on the B45 in particular it played really well, it felt similar in strength to a hard Rue L’Epic 2.5 or a slightly soft Vandoren V12 #3. Either they sounded the same to many people’s ears or the sound was actually better. Legere’s reeds are the best of the plastic reeds, because they closely mimic cane reed. But, accepting the fact that arguably a #2.75 was a little soft for quite a close mouthpiece I tried it on the B45 which is more open and thus suited to a slightly softer reed. However, there is a general consensus among professional saxophone players that synthetic reeds sound different (ie: worse) than natural reeds. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with Vandoren Paris news and updates. Traditional Reeds. So, lets get to it…synthetic clarinet reeds; for many that still sounds like an alien concept. Want more content like this? Here are the most recommended brands and models of clarinet reeds: There was a bit too much of a brittle feel to the sound. It's also the least expensive of the quality synthetics. Do they make the saxophone sound the same, worse or better: Listen to the audio - you decide. This consistency is one reason why many performers have turned to synthetic as their primary reed choice. Open quick view … Over the course of the test I tried the reeds with a Vandoren M30 Lyre (long and relatively close), a Vandoren B45 (medium to long and relatively open), a Otto Link 6* (long and med-open) and a Vandoren 5RV (medium-short and pretty close). I wanted to test the reeds on a range of mouthpieces to really get a good feel for what may work, and what may not. Légère reeds are made from polypropylene, which is approved by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so our reeds are completely safe to use.”, Well, it’s good to know they are safe to use, something that maybe some people would just assume but when dealing in synthetic materials its worth doing a bit of checking on what is going into it. I know Legere have some great artists on their books and these players are holding down top spots in big orchestras, I am not. Using the right reeds is just as important as having the right saxophone and mouthpiece. Significantly longer reed life compared to the best cane reeds Individual reed cases click together for secure storage New (6) from $19.00 + FREE Shipping. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. Synthetic reeds have a small disadvantage: they are a little slicker than cane reeds, and require more careful positioning on the mouthpiece. Fibracell (USA) say: “Fibracell material is a sophisticated composite of aerospace materials designed to precisely duplicate the way Nature constructs reed cane. We hope that our list of the 10 best clarinet reeds of 2020 can guide you through your purchase and that you are able to gain some knowledge about the brands you were considering buying. Please check your email and follow the instructions. That said even on a 5JB Vandoren (very large tip opening) the #3 felt soft, and I’d usually only use a #2 or #2.5 in other brands on that mouthpiece. I haven’t yet put into context why someone may consider a synthetic reed and this may be a good time to do it. Traditional Reeds. Hey all, I'm trying to test out some synthetic reeds. Hey all, I'm trying to test out some synthetic reeds. Let’s compare. Bravo Synthetic Reeds for Tenor Saxophone-Strength 3.0 (Box of 5), Model BR-TS30 4.8 out of 5 stars 13 $29.85 $ 29. The Medium/Easy are t he best selling of the Surefire reeds. Purchasing the best clarinet reeds can help improve the quality of your sound and allow you to perform at your best every time you pick up your instrument. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Synthetic Reeds at Guitar Center. Small, Shuttle Pipe, Half and 3/4 Sized Pipe Reeds. These Bravo reeds arrived with us just after Christmas. Bari Elite Alto Saxophone Synthetic Reed. We have successfully duplicated this property variation in our material, and because we can control the material properties very precisely we are able to deliver reeds of consistent strength – each and every time. Compare Compare Now site8prodJ14708. Rico Alto Sax Reeds are one of the best reeds for alto saxophone in the market for its incredible capability to make the intonation of the Saxophone awesome. This seems fair bearing in mind Fibracell & Legere would say buying 1 of their reeds is equivalent to a box of ‘normal’ cane reeds. The fact that it is clearish was a bit of a throw off, as I have played only on cane til now. Where relevant I will mention the differences between how they performed on certain mouthpieces although I found that the characteristics were pretty similar on all options. Vandoren Paris 56 rue Lepic – 75018 Paris Authentication site for your Vandoren products : FIGHT AGAINST FAKE. But, it felt extremely lively, articulated very well (no Legere-itis) and it was very consistent in its tone from top to bottom. We imposed a strict non-toxic manufacturing process in order to protect musicians and workers in our factory, certified by the stringent standards of the European Union.”. Synthetic drone reeds from the very best of EzeeDrones are also included to give you the best in bass and tenor tunes, creating the right vibrations that set your sound apart from a host of others. resistant with a definite lag when trying to articulate quickly) yet the sound it produces is that of a reed which is too soft; i.e. Online Shipping OK + Covid-19 Status Info Here, UK's no.1 Woodwind & Brass Specialists | Established 1966 | Free Delivery on selected lines & Fast Delivery | Order Online 24/7. The question of energy use and the global ‘footprint’ of natural vs synthetic is a topic for another day so for now let’s get into how they play…. Between all the tenor reeds, finding the best tenor saxophone reeds would be a challenge to you. Bravo are not included as they only hit the shop floor end of January. This coating results in a bright, projecting tone and offers greater durability and lifespan. On the market, you … The Medium/Easy are t he best selling of the Surefire reeds. But if you follow my advice and read the point outs here, I don't think it would be a problem anymore. Similar item to consider lotmusic Clarinet Reed Strength 2.5 for Beginner Student Synthetic Resin Reeds Pack of 3 (Black) $7.99 (38) Frequently bought together + + Total price: $62.41. Rico, LaVoz etc) we’re going to look at some of todays synthetic options for clarinet players. The notes I jotted down at the time of the test were: “YES! Synthetic reeds lack the 'great' response you find in those few great cane reeds, but also lack the throw away need. ... Free shipping on all US and Canadian orders over $49! In MY opinion, synthetic reeds are just like brands of saxophones, various mouthpieces and neck straps (etc.). A Few of the Most Popular & Well-Known Saxophone Reed Brands. Different Synthetic reeds will sound different among available brands but all are very consistent. These reeds are best for advanced or even professional players since it’s not likely that beginners will feel much difference anyway. Everything from the day-to-day operations, design, and manufacture takes place right here on Canadian soil. Archived. Unlike other reeds… I tried a #2.75 strength which matches up similarly to a #3 on the Vandoren V12 (*Strength charts at the bottom of this blog post) which I would say is probably about right. They have a nice tone and will give results that will last and last when compared to cane reeds. Subscribe to the Newsletter. There may have been down times on out of stock lines in this time period. In quite a brief after-hours test we determined to come back and give them a proper run out, they had grabbed our interest despite arguably the most average looking box design and basic look of the reed.

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