Slit-scan Renders of Videos in JavaScript

I’m finally catching up with my backlogs at work and at home, which means I get to work on some side projects again. Let’s start with something cool this week: slit-scans in JavaScript.

I met a group of talented artists and programmers from the demo scene at FMX 2015 this year. One afternoon, Thomas Mann from Framefield and Michael Sänger from Mercury were looking at a picture that caught my eye. It was a time sliced rendering of a demo with interesting visual patterns.

I have since been wanting to implement this effect in JavaScript to process arbitrary YouTube videos and see how they would look. It turns out that this is not feasible yet (or not anymore) due to the security measures that are in place to prevent cross-domain JavaScript attacks, but I still went ahead and implemented it for local video files on my computer.

You can try out the tools for yourself at the end of this post.

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