The software industry is a fast-paced world, and losing track of past achievements is not particularly difficult. This portfolio shows noteworthy samples of my work, some of which you will recognize immediately, and many others that you have never heard of. Since 1998 I have directed, led and implemented the technical aspects of over 40 video games and game-based simulations for entertainment, augmented & virtual reality, military, medical, corporate, advertisement and academic clients. I also worked on a number of tools and web applications.

Most of these projects were developed by relatively small teams, and several were one-man shows. They each presented unique technical and operational challenges that contributed to the abilities I possess today.

  • paragon


  • Fortnite



  • Infinity Blade

    Infinity Blade III

  • thumbnail

    Gears of War: Judgment

  • HumanSim


  • Dr. Hero

  • NeuroCog

  • thumbnail

    Moonbase Alpha

  • Pangbourne


  • thumbnail

    Mission Biotech

  • ultravisthumbnail


  • thumbnail

    Bio Network 2

  • ReMission 2

  • Olympic Village

    Olympic Village

  • Adventure Lab

    Adventure Lab

  • FlatworldProjectCaveUT_BIG


  • thumbnail

    Pamoja Mtaani

  • RoboMath

    Robo Math

  • Ultimate Teamplay (PSP)

  • Virtual Peace Project

    Virtual Peace Project

  • Pivotal Decision

    Pivotal Decision

  • Zero Hour

    Zero Hour: America’s Medic

  • Small Town USA

  • BioNetwork

    Bio Network

  • PWC


  • ATL3

    Adaptive Thinking & Leadership 3

  • Learnscape


  • thumbnail

    Toyota Promo

  • Virtual Brain

    Virtual Brain

  • NSF Mars Demo

    NSF Mars Demo

  • Virtual Smashmouth

    Intel CES Keynote

  • Bass Boat Simulator

    Bass Boat Simulator

  • thumbnail

    Hilton Employee Trainer

  • 3DiTeams


  • thumbnail

    Race To Mars

  • Personnel Recovery

    Personnel Recovery

  • Neuro Rehab

  • Future Soldier Trainer 2

  • thumbnail

    Convoy Leadership Decision Trainer

  • LVC Convoy Trainer

    LVC Convoy Trainer

  • thumbnail

    Mobile MOUT Integration

  • IGS (Military Version)

    Immersive Group Simulation

  • IGS

    The Abyss

  • thumbnail

    Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror

  • Tactical Ops 2.x

    TacticalOps 2

  • thumbnail