Intel CES Keynote

Client: Intel
Developer: Virtual Heroes
Platform: Unreal Engine 3
Release Date: January 2008

For Intel’s opening keynote presentation at CES 2008 in Las Vegas we created the world’s first virtual live concert featuring Smash Mouth’s lead singer Steve Harwell.

This project was developed in cooperation with several other companies, and with only a few days of actual hands-on integration and development time, it was one of the most intense experiences of my career.


Mobile MOUT Integration

Client: U.S. Joint Forces Command
Developer: Anteon Corporation
Platform: Unreal Engine 2
Release Date: December 2004

Project details coming soon.


Client: PublicVR
Developer: Virtual Heroes
Platform: Unreal Engine 2.5
Release Date: April 2009

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CaveUT is a collection of code classes to integrate CAVE displays and panoramic theaters into Unreal Engine 2.5 based games and simulators. The package was first developed in 2005 and has since been used in many academic and commercial projects all over the world.

In 2009 PublicVR asked us to fix a few issues present in their latest implementation, which has resulted in a complete redesign and rewrite of CaveUT. The project also included a rewrite of VrpnUT and a feasibility study of CaveUT for Unreal Engine 3.